Night Hero: Steve Butel


We work all hours, mostly early mornings and occasional night work, loading trucks and tidying up around the yard. The clarity of what we’re seeing is most important to us, because you’re quite often dealing with a half a million dollar truck, or a two hundred thousand dollar trailer unit, and if you can’t see what you’re doing, you can quite easily damage them. You’ve just got the be able to see what you’re doing. It’s gotta be as close to daylight in front of your cab as you can get.

That’s why we use JOLT lights on our Volvo loader. We rely on good lighting because obviously you don’t want to damage the vehicle you’re loading or damage the ground where you’re working, or even pick up the wrong product – something as simple as that. But the main thing is the fact that if you can see what you’re doing, the job is faster. Time is money – that’s the reality. If you’ve gotta spend an extra twenty minutes for each truck you load, you could have loaded an extra half a truck in that time, so the faster you can get trucks out the door the better.

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