Night Hero: Aaron Cutts

Douglas Logging

We start loading log trucks at 4 o’clock in the morning, and we work in all conditions. Sometimes it’ll be the middle of the day and it’s that wet and dark you’ll have your lights on. But you need to be able to look all around you because the hazards are everywhere. We have to make as much visibility as possible, and JOLT lights give us near daylight visibility. You can’t beat it.

Traveling to work at that hour as well, you need good light, especially on forestry roads. My ute has got the JOLT light bar on it, and I’ve found that it’s bright but it’s not harsh on your eyes, so it’s actually a very nice light to drive under. Older lights make you feel quite tired – your eyes ache. But the JOLT light bar is a good white light, so you’re not as tired, and you have a lot more vision. It’s really good in fog as well, which is a bonus.

Obviously our number one priority in forestry is safety, but in terms of productivity too, a guy’s more productive because he’s not as tired with a better light to work under.

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